Dear Colleagues, We have the right to be proud of the success that our company had during its 45 year old business life since its foundation and its leading position in Construction sector of our country. 
Devoted to laws, its employees, suppliers, employers, business partners since its foundation, our company has become a value that our country and you have created by its position. 


Continuing its investments, creating employment and paying taxes, our company has created a value that all of us are responsible of sustainably improving and maintaining. 

IC İçtaş is the company of all of us!

Ensuring sustainability in our works is based on the sensibility of our management and you, our dear employees for protecting our company’s interests as well as its vision backed by the right strategies and targets. 

Our goal is to keep walking towards our goal with sure, strong steps. 

In line with these opinions and thoughts, we are offering you a new project aiming to protect our company interests and ensure your help to our management. 

“My Company” 

You will contribute to protecting your work for a better future by providing feedback in order to protect the values of our company through BKMS System used in many organizations and private companies in the world. 

BKMS System is a web based system certified with international certificates for confidentiality of the feedback provider’s identity. 

We kindly submit to your attention the points you have to be careful about while using the system: 

Confidentiality Policy an Security Application : 

Your identity is provided by the confidentiality system. While providing feedback, if you do not want to reveal your identity, please provide your feedback in consideration of the following points:

  •     If you do not want your name to be revealed, do not provide your personal information. For example, do not indicate your name or your relationship with the feedback situation, incident or people. 
  •     Do not provide any information that might be identified with you. 
  •     Make sure that the lock symbol showing that security is ensured is visible on the right bottom of the internet page. 
  •     When you choose to provide feedback without revealing your name, it is your responsibility to create and maintain your confidentiality. 
  •     If possible, do not use company computers for feedback. 
  •     Do not share your feedback with anyone other than the related people. 


How does the process take place after sending the feedback?

  •      Responsible person who receives the feedback starts investigating all feedback in the system in the shortest delay.
  •      Once your feedback is received by the responsible person, you receive an information e-mail for verifying that your feedback reached the system.
  •      Feedback is investigated in terms of its subject, content and correctness and accuracy of the provided information and if considered necessary, an investigation shall be started for the event, person and/or subject.

Here is the link for providing feedback :


Thank you for your collaboration and sensibility. 

IC İçtaş Management Board