President Erdogan lays the foundation of the new Turkish Cultural Center being constructed in New York by IC İçtaş Construction

The Turkish Cultural Center will be built across New York United Nations building and on the site of the newly demolished Consulate General of Turkey and will cover an area of 20 thousand sqm. The building will rise in the form of tulip at the end of the 36-month construction period and will reflect Turkish culture, history and architecture. 
The foundation ceremony of the 35-storey Turkish Cultural Center built in New York under the partnership of IC İçtaş Construction, the “3rd Biggest Construction Firm” in Fortune 500’s Turkey list, and Tishman, one of the more important construction firms in the US, was conducted with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Chief of Defense Hulusi Akar, Deputy Prime Minister Recep Akdağ, Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, Minister of Justice Abdülhamit Gül, Minister of European Union Ömer Çelik, Minister of Economy Nihat Zeybekci and Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Berat Albayrak were also present in the ceremony. 

Çeçen: The new Turkish Cultural Center construction befits Turkey’s prestige
IC İçtaş Construction’s Chairman of the Board Fırat Çeçen said they were proud of being part of such a big and special project and added “When we consider the importance, features and the 36-month construction period of the project which we are about to realize, we are launching a very painstaking construction process due to its sensitive location right across the United Nations building. We are going to work right in the heart of the city, in a very limited area, using high safety and security measures and with great discipline. We will complete the construction of The Turkish Cultural Center which will rise in heart of the city, befitting Turkey’s image. I wish the best of luck for everyone.”

The symbol of Turkish traditional art “tulip” will rise in the New York skyline 
The Turkish Cultural Center which will be constructed on the site of the old Consulate General building across the United Nations (UN) building, will accommodate the Turkish mission working in the UN. The construction of the building, which will house UN Permanent Representation and New York Consulate General offices as well as residential apartments on the higher floors reserved for diplomats, will be realized under the partnership of IC İçtaş Construction and Tishman. 
The building, designed by the US-based architecture firm Perkins Eastman, will cover a 20 thousand meter square area reflecting Turkish culture, history and architecture. After a visit to Turkey by Chief Architect Jonathan Stark to examine Turkish architecture, the building was decided to have Seljukian architectural elements and traditional Turkish architecture patterns in its design and rise in the form of tulip. The new Turkish Cultural Center will also be an elegant and iconic addition to its counterparts in New York with its modern look. 

Eco-friendly Turkish Cultural Center will hold “Leed Silver” certificate
The building, which will have a 200-seat auditorium, conference and exhibitions halls and a 20-car underground parking lot, will also have a system for collecting rain water installed. Turkish Cultural Center will hold a “Leed Silver” green building certificate, as well. 

IC İçtaş Construction
IC İbrahim Çeçen Investment Holding Company’s locomotive firm IC İÇTAŞ CONSTRUCTION is a preferred global brand with over 45 years of experience and knowledge in the domestic and international macro-scale projects; currently, it is one of the few companies that stand at the top of the sectoral list both in Turkey and in the world.
IC İÇTAŞ CONSTRUCTION, since its foundation, has successfully completed many construction projects including airport constructions, seaport constructions, marina constructions, high-speed train constructions, road and bridge constructions, high capacity power plants, smart buildings, trade centers, tourism facilities, irrigation system constructions, public buildings, mass housings, health facilities, university and school constructions.
Tishman, as one of the leading constructions firms in the world provides a wide range of construction and consultation services. Tishman, which has successfully realized many complex and iconic projects to date, has so far completed more than 45 million square meters of construction including the New World Trade Center, the tallest building in the west world. Tishman has been playing a significant role in the shaping of the New York skyline for over a century and has so far completed more than 20 million square meters of construction in the general region.