Starting with IC Holding’s goals and principles, Human Resources Management concept of IC İÇTAŞ Construction is based on adding value to our company as a reliable and strategic business partner, implementing modern practices and proactively filling the special needs of all our projects. 

 IC İÇTAŞ Construction Human Resources Department; 

  • Aims to choose and employ the most suitable workforce for the work with IC Holding values that will carry our company to the future
  • Prioritizes internal assignment, transfer and rotation practices for the development of our organization and employees. 
  • Tracks the performance of high potential employees and evaluates them in line with current and future company needs. 
  • Believes that employees’ workforce and talents are the most important competition advantages, follows up training programs related to their professional and personal development and provides development opportunities. 

IC İÇTAŞ Construction Main Competences; 

  • Keeping their promise: Share their work related information, opinion and advises, do not avoid being open even when it is difficult to be. Even if the results are not good or acceptable for the other party, they inform the other party clearly about the situation. They do not sacrifice their principles even in challenging situations. They are one of the most important supporters of ethic principles. They keep their promises, they act in compliance with what they say.
  • Understanding others: They give importance to people’s thoughts and emotions. They listen correctly and try to understand what others say and the emotions and thoughts behind their words. They know that this competence is important for the development of IC İÇTAŞ working in different regions and cultures of the world. 
  • Working in team: They know that their work is part of the big team (their function and company). They prioritize company and team targets against their own targets. While working, they ensure collaboration by including other related colleagues and functions and create a synergy. 
  • Being success oriented: They try to improve themselves and their performance in the work and know its importance. They continuously track their performance in their work and improvement and set improving targets. They try to create and take advantage of all possibilities required for their improvement.

IC İÇTAŞ Construction Leadership Competences;

  • Being Visionary: They created strategies that will help the organization reach its vision. They create orienting ideas for the company’s progress by using their market related knowledge and predicting potential changes. They work on the expectations and desires of company’s future clients and offer solutions to meet their expectations. 
  • Improving the team: They are aware of the importance of employees’ improvement for company’s growth. For this, they define their expectations, support and lead their team. They focus on individuals and define the improvement opportunity they need according to their level for long term development and provide feedback. They work as a coach and mentor for their team according to their level. 
  • Taking responsibility: They try to define all current and potential problems, obstacles or opportunities and proactively plans actions against them and try to realize these actions. 

Career Opportunities

You can access the current career opportunities in IC İÇTAŞ Construction through IC İÇTAŞ page on and/or website. Application process starts with the delivery of your CV. Applications are evaluated by Human Resources Directorate and suitable candidates are contacted within the scope of open positions and job interviews are organized. All applications are evaluated in compliance with Confidentiality Principles.