Environmental Policy

Treysan A.S. accepts and applies the following methods during all services and from the design to the production of products and delivery to customers with the evaluation of its interaction with the environment and to minimize any negative impacts on the environment. 

  • Controlling the factors that might cause contamination of the environment in order to minimize pollution and loss.
  • To conduct studies in order to minimize, reuse or recover pollutant waste at the source in order to prevent environmental pollution.
  • To comply with all environmental laws and conditions.
  • To use technologies that give minimum damage to the environment and most compliant to techniques, economy and commercial opportunities in new investments and projects and to continuously improve existing structures in order to minimize environmental damage.
  • To ensure that any sharing of the work we make in order to protect environmental awareness and the environment with the employees, customers, suppliers and the society is adopted as a life philosophy and to provide necessary training that changes in accordance with the needs to increase environmental consciousness.
  • To ensure that instructions, evaluations and forms prepared within the scope of the environment are reviewed and updated regularly in parallel to law, regulations, developments and needs.
  • To define new environmental targets and activities to realize these environmental targets.
  • We commit these above mentioned issues.

General Manager Özgür Onat

Occupational Health Safety Policy

Looking out for the physical and emotional health of our employees, Treysan A.S. undertakes the following with the participation of all our employees and suppliers:
First of all;

Within the framework of targets identified within an understanding of continuous development by complying to the Occupational Health and Security Law numbered 6331 and other field of activity related national and international occupational employee health and occupational safety legislations and administrative regulations as well as local activities at the location where the products are realized; 

  • To prevent possible work accidents, occupational diseases and harmful environmental effects at the source,
  • To train our employees in the Occupational Health and Safety area and to ensure a good occupational health and safety awareness for the employees,
  • To comply with legal and other conditional necessities
  • To identify and eliminate unsafe situations and movements and possible accident risks that might cause work accidents and occupational diseases at the workplace and add-ons with an effective risk evaluation,
  • To ensure continuous ISG system improvement by determining new objectives and targets every year in order to keep the ISG factor at the forefront in line with this objective.
  • We commit these above mentioned issues.

General Manager Özgür Onat