Founded 40 years ago and united under a Holding Organization today, our group continues its activities with its strategic approach and a management approach that encourages participation in decision making processes and awareness of human respect and social responsibility. 
Within this scope, IC İbrahim Çeçen Yatırım Holding A.S.’s point of view is to quickly and flexibly apply the experiences and opportunities we gained in our activity areas into new sectors and projects by following the development in our country and world. Making efforts to add value to the society by ensuring a sustainable infrastructure for our activities within our social responsibilities is one of the important milestones of our management approach. 
IC Holding Management approach allows us to become a brand in local and international markets by creating collaboration opportunities with international brands in the globalizing economy. In this context, the main principle in activity areas can be defined as gaining experiences more quickly through partnerships by collaborating with global capital, ensuring capital income in our country and creating employment. Becoming a brand with the business partnerships created in international markets and a global player in our activity areas are some of our main goals. 
In the sector basis; we are running activities in:

  • Energy
  • Infrastructures
  • Tourism
  • Construction works

Our investments continued growing in our activity areas in 2009. We are expecting to increase our active volume in mid-term with new investments that we are planning to make in energy and infrastructure sectors. Continuing to be the first one realize projects in areas which exchange experiences instead of repetitive projects, IC Yatırım Holding aims to keep on growing fast with its principles targeting quality, stability, success and love of service by increasing its local and international services with its experienced, well-informed and devoted personnels.