Having started its path in 1998 as one of the leading companies of the Turkish energy industry, IC İÇTAŞ Enerji Yatırım Holding keeps on as one of the leading companies in the industry.

IC İÇTAŞ EnergyYatırım;


  •  A total of 1,450 MW installed power based entirely on domestic and renewable resources..
  •  240 million ton lignite reserve, all of it surface mining...
  •  6.4 billion kWh annual electricity distribution...
  •  10 billion kWh annual electricity retail sales and...
  •  Approximately 5,000 employees...

IC İÇTAŞ EnergyYatırım will depend on human resources and technology to move forward and bolster its position as one of the leaders of the industry. While doing so, adopting a quality-focused approach, placing environmental and social responsibility in the centre of all its activities will continue to be the fundamental principles.  

Our IC Mission

Our mission is to distribute energy in order to support both industrial development of Turkey and to serve Turkey’s energy need by working for our shareholder values. We act in accordance with legal, ethical, social, environment, health and safety issues at the highest standards to be one of the leading energy companies and we accept the importance of having fun while working.

Our IC Vision

As one of the best strategically positioned energy companies in Turkey, our vision is to maximize profits of our shareholders, to expand our company in order to minimize the risk with a diversified energy portfolio and to become an unrivaled energy company in Turkey-centered district from the Caspian coasts to Balkans and from Black Sea to East Mediterranean. .  

Our IC Values

Our IC values form a simple framework for business decisions of our company, our actions and behaviors. 

Our values underlie IC business culture. They explain our behaviors, actions and provide our continuity as a company.