By defining protection and enhancement of human health and environment as our first priority in order to create a more livable world, we build our OHS policies on the principles stated below:

  • to do business in accordance with current national regulations and related standards, customer expectations and management system obligations, 
  • to conduct activities that will enhance the consciousness of local people, employees and subcontractors about occupational health and safety and to raise awareness. 
  • to form a systematic structure that identifies, evaluates and controls risks effectively and practice it at our activities within the scope of health and security. 
  • to create a safe workplace environment for our employees, subcontractors and suppliers, to provide its continuity and to form necessary substructure and practice it in order to prevent employees from getting caught to occupational illness or to minimize the risk of having work-related accident.
  • to do reformative and protective exercises and to recover constantly by examining all stages of the activities we carry out. 
  • To take all related employees opinion’s for all our process and provide thier participants.