As IC İçtaş Enerji, we reassure to

  • provide secure access to information portfolio of its own and its shareholders, 
  • to protect usability, integrity and confidentiality of the information. 
  • to evaluate and manage any risk that may be pose on information portfolios of its own and its shareholders. 
  • to protect the reliability of institution and brand image, 
  • to apply necessary sanctions in case of information violation,
  • to meet the information security needs resulted from national and international or sectoral adjustments and from fulfilling the requirements of related regulations, standards and contractual obligations, and from corporate responsibilities towards internal and external shareholders,
  • to reduce the effect of information security threats against Business/Service continuity and provide continuity and sustainability of business,
  • to protect and enhance information security level with control infrastructure that has been set up. 
  • to provide trainings that will enhance the competencies with the aim of raising information security awareness.